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Wilko Mouthwash recall, return to store for a refund

Wilko have become aware of an issue that has led them to announce a product recall on several of their mouthwash products.

The issue: It has come to their attention that in some instances the preservative in the affected mouthwashes may not operate in the correct manner, and as a result the microbes could contaminate the product.

We’re told that the likelihood of this happening is very small, although the health and safety of their customers is very important to Wilko, which is why they have issued the recall.

    Affected Products:

  • 0410909 Wilko Kids Mouthwash Strawberry 300ml
  • 0410911 Wilko Mouthwash Coolmint 500ml
  • 0410912 Wilko Advanced Clean White Mouthwash 500ml 0410913 Wilko Advanced Sensitive
  • Mouthwash 500ml 0410914 Wilko Advanced Complete Care Mouthwash 500ml

Customers are advised to stop using the affected mouthwash and return to any store for a full refund. For any advice you can call the wilko Customer Care Team on: 08000 329 329. More details can be found HERE.


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