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Where to buy the Luvabella Doll? – This year’s Hatchimal

Each year in the build-up to Christmas there is always that must-have toy, and last year was no exception, as everyone was after a Hatchimal – so what will people be after this year? Well, one suggestion is the Luvabella Doll, and while both boys and girls do play with dolls, they are still primarily used by girls.

  • Update:
  • Where to buy the Luvabella Doll? First up, there is the small fact of its release date, as they have already been available once, but because stock ran out, they will not be available again until October 1st in the UK at the earliest. We can currently see none of the top retailers in the UK are offering a pre-order system – although this feature could go live in the next few days.

    However, we can already see the top retailers have pages of the Luvabella Doll ready and waiting, but once the 1st of October comes, you will be wanting to keep an eye of Stock Levels, as they are sure to sell out fast like Hatchimal’s did last year, which did very well for Spinmaster.

  • Below is a list of where you will be able to buy Luvabella Dolls:
      Luvabella Doll at eBay – If you are worried about not be able to get your hands on this toy, then you could pay that bit extra and find one on eBay.
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    1. Jamie January 3, 2018 at 8:45 am - Reply

      Unreal to see the Luvabella dolls reduced to less than £50 in Tesco right after Christmas.

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