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The Next Summer Sale dates for 2017 for kids clothing bargains

There are always sales going on from the big retailers, but none seem to grab as much attention as Next Sales, with the Boxing Day Sale being the biggest of them all, followed by the Summer Sale for bargains.

We have already been asked several times when will the Next Summer Sale start, and while we do not have specific dates of how long the event will run for, we can say that the huge event will begin on 15th of July 2017, which is a Saturday. However, we have heard rumours that the online sale could start on the 14th.

No other details have been shared as yet, but we can tell you that stores will open very early, most from 5AM, but online sales should start from 8AM on the day, and like the last Next sale, people will be given clear bags while queuing up to make things run smoothly – well that’s the idea. We say this because it’s always one big mad rush, and some people do tend to forget their manners when they enter the store.

The event will run across many categories, although we know that you will be more concerned about what bargains are to be had in the children’s clothing section, such as for babies, toddlers and older children.


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