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Tesco pushes Power Rangers collection for 2017

Tesco wants your children to get ready for high-action adventures with the Power Rangers thanks to the recent release of the new movie for 2017. This is very different to the old TV series that we grew up watching, and it’s all the better for it. However, the best part is not the movie itself, but rather the merchandise.

The UK’s largest supermarket has gone into the promotion for the Power Rangers movie in a big way, although not as large as Beauty and the Beast. Having said that, the promotion might not be as much, but there does seem like a great deal more merchandise.

We can see that looking at the categories, there are more Action Figures and Playsets than anything else, and the likes of the Power Rangers Movie Interactive Megazord and Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Super Drive Saber look to be two of the more popular products. However, if they are not to your liking, then search through the full range of Power Rangers toys online at Tesco.


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