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Review of the Tesco Sand And Water Activity Table

We are now at that part of the year where the weather begins to warm up, and so is the perfect time to encourage your children to start playing outside more. There are several ways in which you can do this, but there’s nothing better than allowing them to play with products that are not only interactive, but also fun as well, and this is where the Tesco Sand And Water Activity Table comes in.

Most young children love to play with sand, water or both, and so a fun table like this offers them the best of both worlds, and while this states only for 2-year old children plus, our 18 month old already enjoys playing with this – although always remember to supervise them at all times.

The item comes flat packed and so requires you to just put a few things together, such as those four sturdy legs, which are able to hold more weight than you would assume, and so no fears of of the Sand And Water Activity Table collapsing once water or sand is put in. We did take our eye of the 18-month old for a few seconds, and he had climbed on the table and was just sat in the water. It was funny, and did show that the table is more than sturdy enough.

Included with the Activity Table – is a plastic tray that contains moulds for building sandcastles, along with the lid that also slides into place and stands upright, complete with attachments that allows your child to put water from the top, which then works two wheels – a lot like many of the bath toys your children have fun with while bathing.

There’s not really too much we can say about this item, because there is not a lot to it. However, what we will say is that it’s far more sturdy than it looks, and the lid does help keep things looking more tidy in your garden. You can also have this in your home if it does get a bit cold outside, but you will need to be prepared for the mess.

In terms of dimensions, the Product Height is 85CM, Width 51CM, Depth 51CM and the Weight is 2.8KG. If you are interested in this item, then you will find it HERE on the Tesco Website.


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