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Best five Kids luggage and suitcases for 2017 Summer Holiday

The kids school holidays have officially started and so we all know it’s a time for some very stressed parents, but excitable kids. The goods news is that many of you have already made plans to go on a holiday or just a short break, and so you have to make sure you are prepared.

One thing you have to remember is that a case that your child will love, will make it more of a fun time for them packing what items they wish to take. With so many options available knowing what new suitcase to get can be a bit of an issue, and so we have found the five best Kids luggage and/or suitcases for the 2017 Summer Holiday.

First up there’s the TRUNKI UNA THE UNICORN, which is hands down the most popular case out there for kids at the moment. This has been very hard to come by, but Boots still has stock. Having said that, their entire range also seems to be very popular with children.

Next up we have Paddington Bear Children’s Luggage Case, which we have to say has been a very popular choice for years, although the recent movies have helped increase Paddington’s popularity somewhat.

We all know how tired your child can get, and so the LAZY LUGGAGE would come in handy. OK, so you will have to pay just a bit extra for this case, but it could certainly be worth it in the long run.

Cabin Max Bear Childrens Luggage Carry On Trolley Suitcase is also another popular choice, and for good reason, although it does remind us a little of Mr. Bean, where he cannot go anywhere without his teddy.

Our final choice is perfect for your child to have in the back seat of a car, or as their cabin luggage, and that is the Minions Fluffy Unicorn Plush Bag.

What other kids cases would you recommend, share your thoughts below?


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