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Parents Save Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Peter Chubb

The reason we launched Parents Save was to help families with babies, toddlers, or older children save money and find great offers all year!

ParentsSave.co.uk was founded with the aim of helping those in the UK, which is also supported be a growing Facebook page. Within the first couple of months the Facebook page quickly moved past 15,000 followers and its community loved to see the family related updates daily.

The launch of our Parents Save website was to meet the demand of our community, which also love to find in-store deals and interesting products that help parents during the evening. This made our content accessible by everyone day or night – whether they used Facebook, or not.

We aim to publish information to help the Parents Save community of not only parents, but also grandparents and other family and friends with children.

Parents Save never warrants our website as error-free during usage. The servers and network can on occasion experience problems, as such this could cause the server that hosts our website to go down, although this can be extremely rare.

You are responsible for any direct or indirect damage that using ParentsSave.co.uk may cause. Please see our privacy page for more information related to your privacy, our server logs, and opting out of certain ad practices.

As already mentioned, parentssave.co.uk reserves the right to make changes to the above information when necessary.

CONTACT Parents Save
Peter Chubb (Editor-in-Chief) – Peter [at] parentssave.co.uk