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2017 Coca Cola Christmas Truck Tour Dates and Locations

Christmas is only officially here when we see the Coca Cola Christmas Advert, and the iconic truck. The worrying thing is, the festive season seems to come earlier every year, and this is evident when looking at the 2017 Coca Cola Christmas Truck Tour Dates, as the first date is November 11, 2017 in Glasgow.

That’s right people, the Coca Cola Christmas Truck Tour 2017 Dates have now been announced, and so you will be able to make plans with the kids to go down to your nearest location to have your photo taken with the truck, and to receive some freebies as well.

    2017 Coca Cola Christmas Truck Tour Dates and Locations are as follows:

  • Glasgow: 11th & 12th November
  • Newcastle: 14th, 15th, 18th & 19th November
  • Northumberland: 16th & 17th November
  • Swansea: 16th November
  • Bristol: 18th November
  • Cardiff: 19th November
  • Bradford: 21st November
  • Plymouth: 21st November
  • Pudsey: 22nd November
  • Gainsborough: 23rd November
  • Bournemouth: 23rd & 24th November
  • Leeds: 24th November
  • Hull: 25th November
  • Southampton: 25th & 26th November
  • Doncaster: 26th November
  • Sheffield: 28th November
  • Leyton: 28th November
  • Huddersfield: 29th November
  • Southend-on-Sea: 29th November
  • Bolton: 30th November
  • Harlow: 30th November
  • St Helens: 1st December
  • Ipswich: 1st December
  • Manchester: 2nd & 3rd December
  • Peterborough: 2nd December
  • Mansfield: 3rd December
  • Liverpool: 5th & 6th December
  • Watford: 6th & 7th December
  • Telford: 7th December
  • Nottingham: 8th December
  • Wembley: 8th December
  • Birmingham 9th & 10th December
  • London: 9th & 10th December
  • Coventry: 11th December
  • Reading: 13th December
  • Rushden: 14th December
  • Milton Keynes: 15th December
  • Essex: 16th & 17th December

For precise details on the locations, please visit the Official COCA‑COLA CHRISTMAS TRUCK TOUR Page.


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